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Fees.  Fees are on a per report basis, but capped at a monthly maximum fee.


$4/report with a $36/monthly maximum cap

Any reports over and above 9 in a calendar month, are FREE!


No reports in a month    = $0

1 report in a month        = $4

5 reports in a month      = $20

9 reports in a month      = $36

>9 reports in a month    = $36


Maximum cost per year = $432


There are NEVER ANY MINIMUM monthly fees of any type.  There is NO FINE PRINT.

All fees subject to applicable taxes.  Users must read, understand, and sign the

EULA (End User License Agreement).


Field Proven and Now Available.  PictureFirst has been field proven for 24 months and produced over 500 full reports for fee paid inspections.  Contact us to get started - there is never any commitment and no fee is required until you are ready to use it for fee paid inspections. 

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