Our Approach

Brief is Better.  Reports should be about what you found and what to do for this specific property.   Don't load your report with catch-all phrases and limiting liability statements.

Report Clearly.  Only give information that is truly valuable to a client.  Avoid short forms, technical terms, codes or legends.  State the ISSUE.  Tell WHERE it is.  Give the IMPLICATION (what will happen) if not corrected. RECOMMEND an action.  Give a TIMEFRAME.  Provide a COST range (optional).

Inspect when Inspecting.  Don't try to write a report while you are inspecting.

Your camera is your notepad.  If you want to highlight something, take a wide shot and a close up.  Put both in the report - don't waste time using a picture editor to add arrows or circles.


Our Approach is Simple.  Use your inspection pictures to drive your report.

It's faster and makes a better report.


Streamlined for Speed.  PictureFirst is designed to eliminate all bottlenecks in the reporting process.  Everything happens on one screen.  No templates, no scrolling, no searching.  Tweak unique items on the fly.