Sample Report.  Take a look!  Video links are available on the

How It Works page which show you how this report was created in REAL TIME.

Sample Reports & Features

Features.  PictureFirst provides ultimate flexibility along with everything else you need to run your business.


Fully Loaded Content

  • PictureFirst starts you off with extensive content for all major building systems so you can start creating reports right away
  • Presaved recommendations are complete - they show HOW to report on issues, perfect for new and experienced inspectors alike
  • Any changes you make to the content are yours and yours alone



  • Titles and content can be customized or rearranged by drag and drop
  • Add any number of systems, rooms, or areas, named as you like

  • Attach a JPG file to any pre-saved recommendation, perfect for showing an example of a desired condition to your client 

  • Captions can be added to any pictures

  • Supports multi-inspector firms



  • Printable invoice, job sheet and inspection contract PDFs for each job

  • Inspection contract built into software


Report Flexibility

  • Important items can be flagged to appear on a Summary Page

  • Ability to include or disclude contract and/or summary pages from reports

  • Modify existing pre-saved items on the fly

  • Preview screen lets you review entries and edit directly

  • Adding thermal images is as easy as adding regular digital pictures

  • Easy to change an entry if you forget something, even to add more pictures

  • Partial reports can be saved if something interrupts your report writing.  Quickly pick back up where you left off - life happens!


  • Downloadable inspection sales data CSV file

  • Common job numbers tie reports, contracts, and job information sheets together

  • Save payment method with each job


Security and Data Organization

  • All reports saved in database and also backed up on your hard drive

  • All pictures from inspection saved on your hard drive in organized folders, even if not used in inspection report (great for future reference of limitations)

  • Your custom reporting database and job information is edited and stored in the cloud so you don't need to worry about your computer failing

  • Download your complete database in CSV format anytime for easy review of content